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India,  Gujarat,  Amreli,  Nr. Old Swaminarayan Temple, Main Bazar,Dhari

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Shreenathji Seeds Farm, Company

In the changing scenario of world agriculture, development of newer varieties of seeds, the prime ingredient for high crop production is in constant demand. Therefore, introducing seeds that both produces higher yield and also has additional values has been the target of people involved in seed research. Shreenathji Seeds Farm has continuously preached and practiced introduction of newer technologies and thus improved varieties and newer hybrids, which in time has became the frontrunners in their respective category. Shreenathji Seeds Farm through its continued focus on research and innovation has become a leader in vegetable seed business today. Shreenathji Seeds is now a proud owner of portfolio of over 50 hybrids superior open pollinated varieties in all major high value vegetable crops like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Eggplant, Radish, Carrot, Okra, all Cucurbits, Hot Pepper etc. Today, Shreenathji Seeds commands a sizable market share in Cabbage, Cauliflower, Radish, Tomato, Cucumber etc. in India and has a growing export market in the USA, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, China etc.
Products And Services
Premium Products-Chilli Sorath 621
In stock 
Fruit : Light Green Size : 3 to 4 inch, Diameter 1.5 inch Sowing Time : Picking starts after 65 to 70 days after treans planting, sowing time 15th April to 15th October.
Group: Seeds of pepper
Premium Products-Chauli S-7
In stock 
Fruit : Actractive green fruit Size : 6 to 7 inch Sowing Time : Around the year accpt winter season, Flowers appear in 32 to 35 days in summer and 38 to 42 days in monsoon production in group high yeilding variety.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Premium Products-Carrot Bansi-2
In stock 
Fruit : Dark Red Size : 30 to 35 cm Sowing Time : Nov. to Feb., Harvesting after 90 to 105 days after sowing
Group: Seeds of carrot
Premium Products-Brinjal Kiran
In stock 
Fruit : Obling and Dark pinkish Colour Size : 70 to 85 gms. Sowing Time : May , June, Feb., July, March. first picking after 55 to 60 days of transplanting.
Group: Aubergine seeds
Premium Products-Cucumber Light Green
In stock 
Fruit : Green with yellowish stripes Size : 5 to 7 inch Sowing Time : Accpt winter around the year, first picking after 40 to 45 days in summer and 45 to 50 days in monsoon long time production variety
Group: Seeds of cucumber
Premium Products-Cumin Sanket 9
In stock 
Fruit : Plant has a short height of 25 to 30 cms and has white to red coloured flower. It is adviseble to cultivate in well drained fruit sandy type of soil. Size : - Sowing Time : October to December. It needs 3 to 4 months for harvesting.
Group: Seeds of cumin
Premium Products-Tomato S-99
In stock 
Fruit : Red ablong type Size : 80 to 95 gms Sowing Time : Around the year, good for transportation, first picking after 60 to 65 days of trans planting.
Group: Seeds of tomatoes
Premium Products-Okra Navratna
In stock 
Fruit : Dark Green Size : 8 to 10 cm Sowing Time : First picking after 45 to 50 days after sowing tolerant to yellow vein mosaic. Treated with gaucho tolerent to nice upto some extant suitable for sowing around the year.
Group: Vegetable seeds
Premium Products-Guwar S-1
In stock 
Fruit : Green bright fruit, Thick long Size : 6 to7 inch Sowing Time : Whole year, first picking at 34 to 38 days of sowing.
Group: Green crops seeds
Premium Products-Bitter Gourd Mangal 7
In stock 
Fruit : Green and medium long with crackles Size : 7.5 - 8 inch Sowing Time : First picking after 55 to 60 days of sowing.
Group: Vegetable seeds


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